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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the physical display of the brand. More properly, it could be called ‘corporate visual identity’, as referred to the visual aspects of the identity of an organization. Generally includes a logo and supporting elements usually coordinated by a group of guidelines that are included in a document type Style Manual. These guidelines establish how the corporate identity should be applied by identifying color palettes, typography, visual organization of pages and other methods of maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all physical manifestations of it.

At LF Studio we aim to help you and your company when choosing a corporate identity that will broaden your horizons in the market. To this end we want to help and guide you in each of the key points to develop an effective corporate identity. We know that today’s market is very competitive and a good corporate image is important to generate added value and to attract more customers.

You should know that having only a striking logo and a company image is not enough. You need to generate an identity. This identity is the conjunction of its history, ethics and philosophy of work, but also consists of everyday behavior and the norms that govern the business. Organizational identity is the set of characteristics, values ​​and beliefs that the company or organization identify itself from others.

At LF Studio we want to help you with the corporate identity of your business.

Among the services in the Corporate Identity field we have:
– Ideas, conceptualization and logo creation
– Management of Corporate Identity
– Stationery, business cards, stamped, envelopes, notebooks, folders, etc.
– Bookmarks, books, brochures, calendars, etc.
– Focused advertising and branding

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