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Some general features of our Online Store service
· Online Catalog system
· Categories handling
· Multiple products creation and definition
· Product information, description, prices, photos and more
· Search system (por code, reference, keywords, price, etc.)
· Discounts and coupons
· Carriers management (FedEx, UPS, EPS, etc.)
· Customers Memberships
· Related products

· Languages (English and Spanish). We can create your website in up to 8 languages
· Payment Processors setup (credit cards, PayPal and many others)
· Statistics
· Comments, testimonials, and friends referral
· Several Currency management
· Ads management
· Activation and Deactivation of products in the stock
· Purchasing management, orders and invoices
· Newsletter management, autoresponders, marketing campaigns, subscribers and mailing lists
· Product revisions
· Sales report


And the most important:
We give the advice and consulting service to help you to sell and make money from your online store. Also, we help you set everything up so you can receive payments in your bank account!

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